It’s back for 2022!!

We have decided to bring back the successful 12 Runs of Christmas that we held on 2020 for adult club members. The rules have been modified slightly as we build on the knowledge from the original.

There are 12 distances with points attributed to each. These are listed below.

Rules are as follows

1. Entry is free. However if you enter via the website and make a donation you get 50 points.

2. If you are unable to do a longer distance you can run multiple distances of 4 miles (or 6.4k) but not any shorter. So if somebody wants to substitute the 8 and 10 miles for two additional 4 milers they can do that and get the appropriate points for 4 miles.

3. No additional points for extra runs or going beyond the distance.

4. Bonus of 25 points if you complete any of the following:

Official Park Run at any location on Saturday mornings

Newmarket 5k

Border Half Marathon

You can do all three if you wish and they can also count as part of your 12 runs.

5. You must provide evidence of your run by emailing or text/WhatsApp directly on 0876497193.

6. To ensure that you have run and not walked the average time needs to be less than 7 min per km per or 11 min per mile.

7. Applies to anybody aged 17 and older.

8. The event starts on Monday 14 November and finishes on Sunday 18 December.

There will be other opportunities to earn bonus points during period of this event and we will share them as we go along.

Anybody that completes 12 runs including multiple 4 miles in lieu of longer runs will be eligible to enter a draw whereby the first person out can nominate a charity of their choice and the club will donate €200.

There will be a competition element also and vouchers will be given to the top 3 points scorers. In the event of a tie we will draw out 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

We will also have an open draw amongst all other competitors for a voucher.

Good luck to all that wish to take part. A weekly update will be sent out on how people are progressing. If you prefer your name not to be included please let us know.

Distance and points


1/1.6 = 24 points

2/3.2 = 22 points

2.5/4 = 20 points

3/4.8 = 18 points

3.5/5.6 = 16 points

4/6.4 = 14 points

4.5/7.2 = 15 points

5/8 = 17 points

5.5/8.9 = 19 points

6/9.7 = 21 points

8/12.9 = 23 points

10/16.1 = 25 points